About Little Outdoors

Little Outdoors was born out of nostalgia and love for a time gone by, when we were kids in the 80's. A time when there were a lot less TV channels, toys in our cereal boxes, and computer games took an hour to load... from a cassette!  We wanted to make a little company made up of little ideas designed to make the most of being out and about in the the fresh air. So in 2015 we launched our first product the GoGo Heads!

It's simply the coolest way to personalise your wheels, stash your swaps, look tip top on the way to school, and stay cool crusin' with the clan on holiday... And with reflective body and mouth, they keep you seen when days get dull. We're head over wheels in love with them, and we hope you like them as much as we do.

At Little Outdoors we design all our own things in our small studio in London and we take the time to get the idea just right, the way that we would want it if we were two foot tall and part of an epic adventure. We love the the things we do, and over the coming years we look forward to making more of our ideas come to life, to be enjoyed in the Little Outdoors.